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Digital Viewability Standards Could Move to 100% of Pixels in 2018 – Media Rating Council

March 20, 2018 – The Media Rating Council (MRC) today issued a call for research and input on two critical components related to its development of standards for cross media video measurement – duration weighting and a possible move to 100% pixels as a viewability criteria.

100% In-View Will Be Mandatory Soon. Will You Be Ready?

Duration Media’s executive team has extensive experience optimizing pixels in-view and monetizing Time-Based Ads, or what the MRC refers to as “Duration Weighting.” Our experience has proven to be invaluable to major publishers as we have the ability to share our network’s best practices to increase the amount of highly viewable ad inventory and revenue by 21 to 100%.
As the industry starts to move toward the requirement that ads be 100% In-View, Duration Media’s consulting services will enable publishers to plan for the design and implementation of their pages, content and accompanying ads to ensure compliance with the MRC’s stricter viewability standards.
Highly Viewable ads benefit both buyers and sellers. Publishers who work with Duration Media can see immediate increases of ad inventory and revenue while proving to advertisers that their ads are 100% Viewable for a minimum of one-second, with a fully engaged human being, for up to 30 seconds of view time.

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Our Consulting Fees are Free of Charge for our Marketplace Publisher partners. To learn more about Duration Media’s consulting services and how you can prepare to comply with the 100% In-View requirements, please click here.