Introducing Sequency™

With Sequency, publishers can create new, highly viewable, premium ad inventory with the option to sell it in a climate-friendly way.

Increase ad revenue with less data waste

Advertising technology that creates incremental, highly viewable impressions and new revenue streams for publishers while reducing data waste and carbon emissions.

Advertisers want sustainable advertising solutions that drive results and ROAS

Meet your viewability KPIs, and win campaigns with high visibility requirements without having to over serve impressions or make excess bid requests. Using Sequency, publishers can generate 48-62% increase in highly viewable inventory managed directly in GAM.

“The carbon footprint of different media distribution options will increasingly influence where clients choose to make their investments.”

Ollie Joyce
Global Chief Transformation Officer

The industry is setting new
standards for sustainable media


“Be selective in technologies used to support your digital media campaigns, and look to streamline wherever possible.


Reducing the volume of programmatic transactions will decrease the energy needed to power the programmatic supply chain.”


“The entire digital advertising chain consumes resources and energy that generate greenhouse gases.”

New research is shedding light on the environmental impact of digital advertising

“Every impression and ad call for every ad anywhere along the supply chain creates carbon emissions. The longer the supply chain and the more ad calls, vendors, and SSPs, the higher the carbon emissions.”

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