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Global presence.
Expert leadership.
Sustainable by design.

Duration Media is a leading global ad tech company with patented technology and multiple software applications for the digital media industry. Duration Media is dedicated to establishing a sustainable future with multi-national support of the major “green” initiatives with AdNetZero and the IAB Europe and USA.

Duration Media is a Google Certified Publisher Partner (GCPP). We have built a sustainability ad tech product called Sequency™ that enables publishers to curate ONLY highly viewable and green ad impressions which provides digital media buyers the ability to purchase these valuable ad units on the sites they want to buy.

The focus on enabling publishers to curate highly viewable and environmentally-friendly ad inventory through Sequency™, while reducing carbon emissions rather than just offsetting, is a very differentiated approach.

Duration Media has a global presence in New York, London, Paris, Madrid, Germany, Miami, & Scottsdale, Arizona, and solid funding from experienced digital media investors. Our relationships with major demand partners have propelled Duration Media to a leadership position in providing ONLY Highly Viewable Ad Inventory to benefit both Buyers AND Sellers.

Creating value across the advertising ecosystem

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Duration Media has a proven track record of working with over 400 major media companies globally to substantially increase ad revenues. 

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Patented  VaaS™ (Viewability-as-a-Service) technology is a reliable, easy to deploy solution that curates ONLY highly viewable ad impressions for Publishers.

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Publishers win with incremental inventory and revenue from our unique demand sources.

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Buyers win as they know that their ads have been viewed by engaged readers.

Meet our team

Andrew Pancer
Brian Murphy
Michael Hannon
Simon Taylor
Managing Director, EMEA
Mike Norris
Head of Product
Kanchan Garehgrat
Head of Operations
Flavio Velasquez
VP Strategic Partnerships EMEA
Samir van Lith
VP, Strategic Partnerships - DACH
Murial Vignet
Independent Senior Advisor
Gary Herman
Marc Goldberg
Brad Bowers